Transaction VPN WireGuard


Administration of your VPN.

Let us host and manage your VPN with WireGuard! All your servers, workstations or virtual computers under a single network. With this type of VPN, all PCs must be authorized before being used on your network. Im makes it impossible for intruders to access your network.

    Your starting point:
    15 entry points for 19.50$ per month.

PayPal Account

We use PayPal as our pament platform. You don't need an account to use our services.

Why is it more convinent to use a PayPal account?
PayPal serves as transaction broker. You keep control of your payments and subscriptions via the PayPal Web interface. You can review your bills and event revoke your subscription on your own.

Quebec Subscribers

$19.50 + TPS + TVQ : $22.43 CAD

Ontario Subscribers

$19.50 + TVH : $22.04 CAD

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