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Subscription to SecureWeb Transaction -- 55.89$ / Month

Make sure you are on line 24/7 with our 99.975% Up-time.

Detect attacks before they happen with best practice and security strategies

  • Secure bandwidth usage with Hotlink Protection
  • Prevent password leaks with Leech Protection
  • Detect attacks before they happen and use a proactive defence approach with Imunify360
  • Use IP blocker to screen out unwanted traffic
  • Screen-out unwanted visitors using country based traffic shaping (On special order only)
  • Host your site in Canada where your wrights to privacy is protected by law.
  • PayPal Account

    We use PayPal as our pament platform. You don't need an account to use our services.

    Why is it more convinent to use a PayPal account?
    PayPal serves as transaction broker. You keep control of your payments and subscriptions via the PayPal Web interface. You can review your bills and event revoke your subscription on your own.

    Quebec Subscribers

    $55.89 + TPS + TVQ : $64.26$ CAD

    Other provinces Subscribers

    $55.89 + TVH : $63.16 CAD