Partners How to become a partner


What is an Open Canopea partner ?

An Open Canopea partner is a representative authorized to offer his customers the Open Canopea cloud services. His training allows him to answer all your questions. He can install and maintain computers at your site. He can also help you manage your users and groups.

Who can become a partner ?

He is a professional such as your computer tecnician or you local computer store representative. He has an impeccable ethics. His goal is not to sell you the biggest package but to help you target the package that best fit your needs. He also ensures that your software installation is done well.

Why is he a Open Canopea partner ?

For at least two reasons. (1) He is aware that the collection of personal information by large corporations like Google, Microsoft or even DropBox is an invasion of privacy. As a professional , it’s his duty to inform you that there are more ethical solutions. (2) He has at heart the smooth running of your business and wants to keep you away from the dangers of the Public Cloud.

Is the partner compensated ?

Yes. All partners receive a generous percentage on hosting fees . If you wish to become a partner, you can contact us righ away. We are easy to talk to.

In addition to the companies, who can benefit from the services ?

If you are a member of a corporation, a union, a group of workers or an NPO , you are encouraged to contact us so that your members can get substantial benefits. Consult the contact us page to chose the most convenient way for you to reach us.