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About OpenCanopea

This project is one of many others that aims to bring the benefits of OpenSource Software to Small and Medium size business. The benefit is not only for the customers but also for the open source projects them self. When more people know about open source software, more people benefit from it.

The OpenConopea project is designed only with open source softwares. Among the many benefits, it gives you the insurance that you are not a victim of malicious software or corporate espionage. The code is public and can be revised or reviewed by anyone interested. Placing a malware or a back door becomes impossible.

Some big corporation will sell or give cloud storage services and use their own private and close software. Those softwares have components that only them know about. They use it to gather information about you, your activities or even you client list.

Open source programming relies on contributions from individuals as well as companies and corporations who benefit from the project. It has now become the most common method for software development. Today, there is Open Source software in so many devices and computers that you interact daily with them without knowing about it.

Here are some software that are important for the Open Canopea Project.

  • Apache2 -- Pushing the web pages to your computer
  • Linux Kernel -- The Operating System of the server.
  • Ubuntu -- The GNU/Linux distribution
  • OnwCloud -- File sharing platform for Linux
  • NextCloud -- Another file sharing platform for Linux
  • WebDAV -- File sharing extension to the HTTP-protocol
  • PHP -- Hypertext preprocessor language.
  • Python -- Popular programming language
  • Perl -- Was a popular programming language
  • VNStat -- Network traffic monitor for Linux

The happy list

These customers and many more are using OpenCanopea because it's safe, easy and reliable. Thank you for your vote of confidence.
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