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Subscription to Large 1TB -- 137.49$ / Month

1TB Gb of disk space. This option allow you to synchronize a big file server or a media library. There is no limit to the number of accounts you can create. Add users and create groups so they can freely exchange documents. Add a backup service on your personal computer or your server. Here, not only you synchronize your documents in real time, but in addition you can send backups SecureFTP connection.

PayPal Account

We use PayPal as our pament platform. You don't need an account to use our services.

Why is it more convinent to use a PayPal account?
PayPal serves as transaction broker. You keep control of your payments and subscriptions via the PayPal Web interface. You can review your bills and event revoke your subscription on your own.

Quebec Subscribers

$137,49 + TPS + TVQ : $158.06 CAD

Other provinces Subscribers

$137,49 + TVH : $155.36.39 CAD