Open Canopea - Cloud based File Sharing for your Business

Don't pay for every account.
Choose how much disk space you need and create as many account as you need.

Small 50

50 Gb of disk space in your private cloud . Ideal for freelance worker. Share your data with your customers or colleagues safely. Maintain control over the entire server.

  • Unlimited Data Transfer.
  • 500 Gb/sec server access.
  • Unlimited number of accounts.
  • 50 Gb SSD dirve
  • 23.89$

Medium 200

200 Gb is the most popular choice. You have plenty of disk space for a small team. You can organize shares with groups and users. Create as many accounts as you need. Manage it all via a simple web interface.

  • Unlimited Data Transfer.
  • 500Gb/sec server access.
  • Unlimited number of accounts.
  • 200 Gb SSD dirve
  • 48.89$

Large 500

500 Gb of disk space. This option allow you to synchronize a big file server or a media library. There is no limit to the number of accounts you can create. Add users and create groups so they can freely exchange documents.
Add a backup service on your personal computer or your server. Here, not only you synchronize your documents in real time, but in addition you can send backups SecureFTP connection.

  • Secure FTP connection to your server.
  • Unlimited Data Transfer.
  • 500Gb/sec server access.
  • Unlimited nmuber of accounts.
  • 500 Gb SSD dirve
  • 86.89$

Why is this the cheapest offer?

Unlimited is the key word. We only charge for the space you are using. Other professional cloud sync providers will charge you for every user you create. But with Open Canopea, you can add as many users as you want. The price stays the same.

  • Other Advantages
  • Your data stays in Canada
  • You have your own server. Not shared! Yours!
  • Daily status report via E-Mail.
  • Friendly tech can help you install all the sync clients (extra charges may apply)

PP LogoSubscription : With PayPal, you can feel safe. You can interrupt subscription on your own. Using PayPal for recurring payments allows you to keep track and manage all the payments to OpenCanopea.

Based in Montreal, OpenCanopea is a project initiated and managed by PointLog Solutions Inc. This project is just one of the many services Pontlog provides to its clients. Visit PontLog Website for more details.